ASEANAPOL Secretariat Welcomes Educational Tour of 23 Public Safety Officer Senior Executive Course Participants from the Philippines

by muhammad anas | May 30, 2024

On May 24, 2024, ASEANAPOL Executive Director David Martinez Vinluan and officers warmly welcomed 23 student officers from the Philippine National Police (PNP). These officers are currently enrolled in the Public Safety Officer Senior Executive Course (PSOSEC), administered by the Philippine Public Safety College. The group was led by Dr. Jinnifer D. Arroyo, MPSA, the Learning Manager of the Davao Campus.
PSOSEC is an intensive eight-month resident training program designed for senior uniformed officers who hold at least the rank of Police Lieutenant Colonel/Superintendent in the police, fire, and jail bureaus. The course aims to prepare participants for senior command staff functions, enhance their management and leadership skills, and instill a higher sense of responsibility. Graduates of this program are expected to assume key positions as directors in provincial and regional offices or as senior support staff in directorates at the national headquarters of their respective bureaus.
Participating in an overseas educational tour offers a multifaceted and enriching learning experience that transcends traditional classroom settings by providing global perspectives, cultural exposure, and educational enhancement. Exposure to different countries and cultures broadens worldviews, fosters cultural sensitivity, and enhances language skills, while real-world learning through visits to historical sites and diverse teaching methods deepens academic understanding. Networking opportunities with international peers and professionals build valuable global connections and interdisciplinary interactions. Personal growth is achieved through developing self-reliance, adaptability, and problem-solving skills, which are further bolstered by career advancement benefits, as international experience is highly valued by Bureau Executives. Enhanced creativity arises from inspiration found in diverse cultural expressions and innovative problem-solving. Additionally, team-building experiences strengthen collaboration and camaraderie, while personal enrichment is gained through lifelong memories and broadened horizons. Overall, overseas educational tours provide a blend of academic enrichment, personal development, and cultural understanding, equipping participants with lifelong skills and insights.
ASEANAPOL Secretariat encourages this kind of endeavor as it aligns with one of the 14 focuses of ASEANAPOL: “Exchange of Personnel and Training Programs.”
“Together We Keep This Region Safe”