Strengthening Cybersecurity: ASEANAPOL and Kaspersky Collaborate

by muhammad anas | May 30, 2024

On May 29, 2024, the ASEANAPOL Secretariat welcomed Ms. Genie Sugene Gan, Kaspersky’s Director of Government Affairs & Public Policy for Asia-Pacific, Japan, the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, to its head office in Kuala Lumpur. The Secretariat delegation, led by Sr. Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu Ngoc, Director for Plans and Programmes, included DSP Suresh Subramaniam, Plans and Programmes Officer I; DSP Chan Yew Hiok, Police Services Officer I; and ASP Engku Nurul 'Aini Engku Malek, Plans and Programmes Officer II, under the supervision of Executive Director David Martinez Vinluan.
The session commenced with an overview of the mandates and activities of both organizations, with a specific focus on cybersecurity and cybercrime. Kaspersky, a renowned cybersecurity solutions provider, expressed its commitment to collaborating with law enforcement agencies in the fight against cybercriminals who exploit cyberspace for illegal activities.
Sr. Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu Ngoc, representing the ASEANAPOL Secretariat, underscored that addressing cyber and cyber-enabled crimes remains a top priority for the Chiefs of ASEAN national police. He expressed deep appreciation for the private sector’s proactive stance, exemplified by Kaspersky, in addressing the escalating threats posed by cyberattacks, ransomware, and malware. The partnership aims to bolster law enforcement capabilities through cutting-edge technology, facilitating the collection of digital evidence, efficient investigation processes, and early identification of cyber threats. Ultimately, this collaboration seeks to prevent crimes before they occur.
Together, ASEANAPOL and Kaspersky are steadfastly committed to creating a safer cyberspace by synergizing efforts with like-minded partners and enhancing policing capabilities.
“Together We Keep This Region Safe”