Virtual Meeting Between ASEANAPOL Secretariat and GCCPOL: Exploring Opportunities for Cooperative Partnerships and Networking

by muhammad anas | May 30, 2024

On May 29, 2024, the ASEANAPOL Secretariat convened a highly anticipated virtual meeting with distinguished officers from Gulf Cooperation Council Police (GCCPOL). The meeting featured prominent attendees, including Brigadier General Mubarak Al Khaili, Director of the Gulf Police Service; Colonel Salem Al Neyadi, Head of the Operations and Coordination Center; Colonel Dr. Ahmed Al Kaabi, Advisor to the Gulf Police Services; and Major Malalla Al-Khaldi, Operations and Coordination Specialist. Representing the ASEANAPOL Secretariat were Sr. Lt. Col. Nguyen Huu Ngoc, Director for Plans and Programmes; DSP Suresh Subramaniam, Plans and Programmes Officer I; DSP Chan Yew Hiok, Police Services Officer I; and ASP Engku Nurul 'Aini Engku Malek, Plans and Programmes Officer II, under the supervision of Executive Director David Martinez Vinluan.
The primary focus of the meeting was to explore opportunities for cooperative partnerships and networking between ASEANAPOL and GCCPOL as part of their ongoing inter-police organization dialogue. Both organizations aim to enhance their cooperative partnerships and networking relationships, which will benefit all specialists in the field by improving the delivery of quality public safety services to their respective communities. This initiative includes developing more effective communication channels, sharing best practices, and fostering joint projects to address shared security concerns.
The Secretariat regularly publishes corporate videos that showcase ASEANAPOL's activities, including messages from the Executive Director and strategic plans for the upcoming year. These videos provide valuable insights into the organization's vision and future direction, highlighting key priorities and objectives. Additionally, they emphasize the collaborative efforts of ASEANAPOL, GCCPOL, EUROPOL, and other regional bodies within the INTERPOL network. These collaborations illustrate ongoing initiatives and partnerships aimed at enhancing global security and law enforcement capabilities.
GCCPOL has identified key areas for future collaboration, including organizing regional meetings between the heads of criminal investigation departments across all member countries. These meetings aim to establish a unified approach at the leadership level, fostering stronger cooperation and coordination. Key focus areas for these joint efforts include combating narcotics trafficking, cybercrime, and human trafficking. By tackling these critical issues together, ASEANAPOL and GCCPOL can effectively assess potential threats and develop comprehensive strategies to address them. This collaborative approach not only enhances regional security but also strengthens the capacity of both organizations to respond to emerging challenges.
The meeting was highly productive, with both parties engaging in detailed discussions regarding the potential implementation of the proposed initiatives. Participants exchanged ideas on best practices, operational strategies, and the necessary steps to move forward. The Secretariat committed to thoroughly pursuing all necessary steps before reporting back to GCCPOL, ensuring that the proposed initiatives are feasible and aligned with the goals of both organizations. This follow-up will involve further consultations, detailed planning, and the establishment of clear timelines for implementation. By maintaining this momentum, ASEANAPOL and GCCPOL aim to build a robust framework for ongoing cooperation and mutual support in the field of law enforcement.
“Together We Keep This Region Safe"